Friday Photo #20, Obscure Islands Edition

Any guesses where this idyllic little spot might be? Hint: It’s where Napolean Bonaparte died. He was exiled here after the Elba thing didn’t work out. Click the photo to enlarge.


This is St. Helena Island, a British possession off the east coast of Africa. Up to now St. Helena has relied on the last remaining Royal Mail ship for its survival, as there is no airport. But for better or worse, that should change by this time next year, as an airport is under construction. This photo is from our visit, via the RMS St. Helena, sailing from Walvis Bay, Namibia, in January 2010, and you can see more in the St. Helena gallery at And here are collected articles about and photos from St. Helena on CS&W.

Friday Photo #19, Prayer Flags in Sikkim, India


This photo comes from a December, 2013 visit to Gangtok, Sikkim, India, on the Chinese border. Specifically, it’s from a day trip out to Changu (Tsomgo) Lake. Because of the terrain, the nearest airport to Gangtok is several hours drive away. Here is what I wrote at the time about getting to Sikkim. There are more photos from in and around Gangtok in the India Gallery at

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Torshavn, Faroe Islands. Sort of.

This has been a fun Photoshop project for a couple of rainy days back here on the farm: It’s the gorgeous, tiny little capital of the Faroe Islands, Torshavn, rendered as an oil painting. Click it to enlarge it to a nice, big version and see what you think.