Rake News from Finland

Faroe Islands

Finding local.fo, “the only English-language news media in the Faroe Islands reporting Faroese news” is a plenty good reason to share a couple of photos of one of earth’s most beautiful places. Local.fo is also on Twitter @faroesenews. Above is the famous waterfall at the Faroese village of Gásadalur. Below, the capital, Tórshavn, and at bottom, the village of Tjørnuvík. Click ’em to make ’em bigger.

There are a few more Faroes photos here, and here’s an excerpt from my book Out in the Cold, about a trip to the village of Saksun.

Tying yourself up in knots – how not to run a country.

Love this piece on Brexit from the blog myusuf2016 and I’m happy to reblog it here so you can consider it, too.


On Wednesday the cabinet agreed a pathway to Brexit.  After five hours of talking.  I don’t know about you but I’d go crazy in a five hour meeting and would probably agree anything just to get out of the room.  And it was a majority decision.  In other words some in the cabinet disagreed with the proposals contained in the 500 plus page document.  How did we get to this stage?

We have to go back to the referendum campaign where all sorts of wild promises were made.  I know lies were told on both sides.  But in politics no one remembers what the losers said.  Once the vote is counted people look to the victors to deliver on their promises.  Amongst the promises made were that you could leave the EU, stay in the single market and end free movement of people across the borders.  Boris Johnson in an…

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Weekend Reading

Lots of folks will be traveling all across the United States next week for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s. Here’s some weekend travel-oriented reading that takes us a little farther afield:

Finding a beer in Mauritania.
A Tiger Hunt in India, an excerpt from a new collection of essays called Impossible Owls by Brian Phillips.
– A frightening trip to the Central African Republic: Dividing Lines by Jack Losh
– Ann Cooper on covering the revolution in Lithuania as a reporter for National Public Radio.

Your science article:
– Possible reason for the precipitous drop in insect populations.

And finally, I loved this article by Tim Parks so much I bought the doorstop of a book it recommends, which has come in time for my own weekend reading. Enjoy your weekend. See you Monday.

Quotes: On Frum, Bannon & Populism

Probably a wee bit obscure, but in an article in The Walrus on the recent Munk Debate on populism between David Frum and Steve Bannon in Toronto (it’s interesting stuff, watch it here), Ian Wells makes this point:

“Exposing populist nativists to facts, we now know, will not disabuse them of their political delusions—not least of all because our “facts” are their fake news. “