On Airport Security, Jeffrey Goldberg and Matryoshka Dolls

248759521_azerbaijan0085 copy
Photo from EarthPhotos.com

In the current Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg writes about his adventures thwarting the Transportation Safety Administration. He uses fake boarding passes, carries banned items aboard aircraft and such, and for the most part depicts a hapless, inept TSA.

This is not news to anyone who has flown domestically since 2001. Part of the (relative) pleasure of flying point to point outside the United States is that you're largely treated as a grown up. But if an inept TSA is a problem, and Mr. Goldberg tells us it is, it seems to me the irreverent, wisecracking tone of the article diminishes that point.

Have to agree with Mr. Goldberg (here, on his Atlantic blog) though, that TSA Administrator Kip Hawley responded tepidly on the portentiously named TSA blog, Evolution of Security.

The photo above, by the way is from the long, urbane pedestrian plaza called “Traders Street”  in Baku, Azerbaijan. We bought  an Osama matryoshka doll, with the Biggest Terrorists Of All Time inside, and carried it home with us just like Jeffrey Goldberg did with Hezbollah flags, knives and books about jihad.

See more photos from Azerbaijan at EarthPhotos.com.

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