Tourism in War Torn Lands

Silkroadhotel You see a story like this periodically, a variation on "tourism returns to war torn land." We had a story here on CS&W about a year ago about the return of tourists to Kurdish Iraq, and another here about how various airlines are returning to Iraq. For example, Austrian Airlines flies to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, but remember, those three young people hiking Iraqi Kurdistan by the Iranian border are still being held by Iran.

This is a photo of the Hotel Silk Road in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. In an article called Afghans Prepare For Tourism Development, at RFERL, Hiromi Yasui, the owner, notes that "Bamiyan itself is peaceful; but, you know, there's no direct flights
from foreign countries, so everybody must [come through] Kabul by road. It's very bumpy [and it takes] around eight-nine hours."

Rooms start at $100 a night. The hotel is now in its second year of business.

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