Refusal to Enter Japan

"Feng Zhenghu has been living in the grey zone between arrival gate and immigration for nearly two weeks" at Tokyo's Narita airport, according to the Financial Times.

Mr. Feng says he was physically forced back onto an ANA flight to Tokyo by authorities in Shanghai after being denied reentry to his home country of China. 

The FT: "Asked about the incident, ANA said its staff had needed to use "just a
little bit" of force to ensure Mr Feng was on the flight, since it was
an hour late and Shanghai authorities had made clear it could not
depart until he was on board. Shanghai police declined to comment."

Mr. Feng told the FT, as they put it, during an interview in a Narita corridor, "I refuse to enter Japan. For a Chinese to be kidnapped and taken to
Japan like this is a humiliation for me and a humiliation for China."

The Standard in Hong Kong reports that at least Mr. Feng has enough to eat: "Christine Chan, a pro-Tibet student campaigner,
took one week's worth of food supplies to Feng Zhenghu, who has sat on
a couch in front of the exit immigration checkpoint at Narita
International Airport since November 4."

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One thought on “Refusal to Enter Japan

  1. Unfortunately, Obama was careful not to bring up any topics that China would find offensive. Human rights issue would be on the top of the list. Being Chinese, I understand the difference between the Chinese people and the Chinese government. I’m disappointed at the Chinese government for many of their shortcomings but I’m very proud of the Chinese people for their endurance and perseverence.


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