Blog Recommendation

Check out Uncornered Market, a blog by Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll. Good stuff.

Just now, they’re convalescing. Toward the end of a trip to Bangladesh, as they write,

“As I began researching online, I saw photos of cute bungalows in lush green gardens with “breakfast served on the porch” and thought, “I want that.” I want quiet. I want peace. I want green. I want a place where I can read, where I can write. I want to stretch and exercise my body.

We leave for Bali tomorrow.”

I know the feeling. During our three month trip we, too, spent time on a “vacation from our vacation,” just a couple days off the road to mend and gather our thoughts. After one longish trip that ended with a couple of days of bad local trains, we celebrated our own personal Liberation Day in the unlikely city of Ulan Bataar, Mongolia.

But back to Uncornered Market – They’ve traveled this world extensively, the authors have, and I admire and envy them for some of the places they’ve gone to see. Drop by their nicely done site and I bet you’ll spend some time with it.

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