Sunrise on the Cliffs: Wednesday HDR


The sun has just risen from the Tasman Sea over Watson's Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Click this photo to make it much bigger via

This is from a single RAW, re-exposed -3, -2, -1, 0, +1 & +2 and saved as .tifs, combined and tonemapped in Photomatix and finished with several steps in Photoshop CS5, then applying the Glamor Glow filter from Nik.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Cliffs: Wednesday HDR

  1. Thanks so much, Marc. On a train to Adelaide, we met an older couple who told us that for years they stayed at the Watson’s Bay Hotel every Christmas season for a big fancy splurge, and that they had such fond memories of the place. We had a night or two in Sydney at the end of our holiday, so we stayed there.
    Here’s the hotel web site:
    There’s a terrific view back to Sydney from their deck, here:
    and a little park just across the street called Sydney Harbour National Park. That’s where this shot is from. Yeah, they ARE pretty close to the cliff, aren’t they?


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