Growing Weary of the “Next Level”


Ad words are everywhere. I say 'em for a living in my day job. But media-popular phrases tamp down creative writing.

Having said that, look: It is what it is. At the end of the day, if you're going to take it to the next level you're going to have to touch base with your bottom line. Remember, going forward, if you're going to push the envelope, you can't drop the ball. Give 110%.

Know that if you mean to bring your A game you'll have to add value. So hit the ground running! The bottom line is, side step the 800 pound gorilla. That said, step up to the plate. Cast a wider net. Move up the value chain.

All that having been said, don't fly under the radar. Quite frankly, going forward, you'll always have to be good to go. Fire on all cylinders. Level the playing field by staying on message. If you bring a turnkey solution to the table you'll never have to Monday morning quarterback.

Remember, to get to a win-win situation, keep your ducks in a row.

Or just bugger all that and go somewhere.

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