Happy Holidays

Time to put down the internet and step away.

We’ll be back to it soon enough, even in time for the last frenzy of college football. When we get back the same advertisers will still implore us to buy. The same pundits will still solve our country’s problems. It’s even said that people may finally vote caucus in Iowa.

But for just a bit, now, we’re headed to a land of foreign language, customs and climate. We’ll contemplate the not-frozen-enough lake and count the daylight hours on one hand, then for a few days we’ll move entirely out of our element, to a place with no daylight hours at all. We'll share some photos from the tundra here.

Travel brings perspective. Perspective makes you a better person.

And there's an extra bonus: When we get back, they’ll have stopped playing Christmas music.

Happy holidays.

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