Friday Photo Quiz #140 – Where in the World?


It's a UNESCO World Heritage site in a formerly war torn land.

Can you name the city? The country? The answer is below.

And a good weekend to all from Common Sense and Whiskey and


And the answer is …………………………………………….. it's Dubrovnik, Croatia.

When Croatia declared its independence from the former Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia’s federal army attacked in October 1991. 

Cultured Traveler says,

"The walls that have encircled Dubrovnik for more than 700 years, one of the most beautiful and strongest fort systems in Europe, could not protect the city against modern military weapons. Over the ensuing eight-month siege, the city was bombarded with more than 2,000 shells, causing damage to a number of significant heritage structures."

As you can see from our quiz photo, taken in 2003, everything has since been rebuilt. 


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