Not Getting Enough Mail? Join a Trip to Cuba

Let's pretend Google didn't already have all 10,467 searches I've done, listed day by day, back to February 2006. How else might I disclose personal information to strangers?

Consider a trip to Cuba.


Here's what came in the mail when we signed up to join a Person to Person exchange trip to Cuba. You'll get things like a Participant Profile Check-List and questionnaire, agreement and release forms, travel affidavit including liability release statement and air travel application.

Send those, money and various photocopies of passports, and you'll get back more goodies:


You'll get a visa, air charter tickets, a license to travel to Cuba from the Department of Treasury, a letter of authorization to travel to Cuba, hotel reservations and the booklet Cuba: What you need to know about U.S. sanctions against Cuba from the U. S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

I've set this to publish on Monday, which is a travel day back to the farm for us. We ought to have much more from Cuba, including photos, any time now.


One thought on “Not Getting Enough Mail? Join a Trip to Cuba

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