Wednesday HDR – Back from Havana Version

There's just about no internet in Cuba. No internet cafés, no internet in private homes. There's slow internet in hotel public areas, but we opted not to spend the time squeezing photos through the wires, so we have lots to catch up on about Cuba.

And there's lots to say, but I'd rather not be hasty. I want to let all our impressions steep for a few days before I make my inevitable brash and presumptious generalizations about the lot of the Cuban people. It'll come, over time.

For today, here's one of the first photos I've posted to the new Cuba Gallery at Keep an eye on that gallery. It'll grow steadily over the next few weeks.


We've all heard there are old cars like this in Hanava. What's surprising is how many there are – just hundreds upon hundreds. Many, many more than I expected. Click this photo to get a much bigger version.

This shot comes from multiple exposures of a single RAW, shot with a Nikon D-700, combined in Photomatix & finished in CS5 with Nik tools, including my new favorite, Viveza 2. If you like this, you might check out 365 other HDRs in HDR Gallery.

One thought on “Wednesday HDR – Back from Havana Version

  1. This has everything a person with eyeballs wants in an image, and cool, ZZ Top cars to boot. Will look for more on the site. Must de-brief Cuba over beers and grape-flavored cigars under the (your) stars. – JK


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