Wednesday HDRs from Malawi


For me, Malawi was a feel good place, and I think these photos show it. Happy people, agreeable, gentle pace of life. Later this week we’ll publish Chapter 14 from Common Sense and Whiskey – the book (Amazon, BNKindle – Kindle’s just $4.99) here on the blog. It’s the story of our crossing Lake Malawi on the legendary passenger ship the MV Ilala.

These photos are both re-exposed nine times and recombined in Photomatix, finished in CS5 with Nik filters. There are 384 more HDRs in the HDR Gallery at Click these two to make them much bigger.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday HDRs from Malawi

  1. And they were the sweetest kids!
    Likoma Island is a couple of night’s sailing from Monkey Bay, the MV Ilala’s southern port. The people where we were staying gave us bicycles to go to town. We didn’t believe them when they said just leave the bicycles anywhere and they’ll be there when you go back, but it was true.
    Great people, wholly welcoming. A good dose of un-jaded warmth.


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