Midsummer Train



Rainbow by the lake at midsummer, and Rovaniemi in midwinter.

Having family and a little cabin on the lake in Finland, I check in most mornings on the latest Finnish radio news in English, from Finnish broadcaster YLE.

Here's something fun: There's a story about a special train that will travel almost all the way across the country this summer, Helsinki to Rovaniemi, starting on the eve of the midsummer holiday. Way up north there, it won't get dark the whole time. And they'll broadcast it live.

"The first programme of its kind, the 13-hour live show has sparked interest in Germany, Norway and France, which will also air the marathon train ride through Finland's nightless night."

And it'll be carried live on the YLE site.

The Hurtigruten ships that ply coastal Norway did a five day live TV thing last midsummer, and Google Maps offers a video that will take you 9220 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok, but that, too, takes several days. A live streaming internet trip across Finland will feature all the same birch trees as the Trans-Siberian, and it'll be considerably shorter.

There's still a way to go to get to midsummer, though. The forecast for Rovaniemi right now?


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