Friday Photo Quiz #156 – Where in the World?

In honor of the London Olympics, this week's quiz comes from an honest to goodness, real British overseas territory. There are only fourteen of them left, although some comprise islands separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles.

This is hard. In fact, it just may be impossible unless you already know the answer. Here are two photos. At bottom is the most famous feature in the capital city, Jamestown – Jacob's Ladder, 699 steps up to an old fort at the top of the hill.



Can you guess where this is?

The answer is below. A good weekend to you, from CS&W &

And the answer is ……………………………………………………… it's St. Helena Island, population 5530, capital of the British south Atlantic Ocean territory of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha islands. St. Helena was the final place of exile for Napoleon.

There are more photos in the St. Helena and Ascension galleries at

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