Going to be away from CS&W for much of next week, doing some work to fill in the Canada Gallery at The photos that are there now, from Pacific Canada, date back several years. We'reoff to take a look at the Atlantic side of the country. Still, there should be some short posts about anything interesting we encounter along the way.

In the meantime, enjoy two stories about really isolated places: First, where's the most isolated island in the world?

St. Helena was isolated enough to exile Napoleon, but not as isolated as this place. I might have guessed Tristan de Cunha, a little island administered by St. Helena. Or Kergueulen, which we've talked about before. The closest land to this place, though, is Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, 1,090 miles (1,750 km) away. Place your bets and click on through to the most remote island in the world.

And second, here's a story for you to enjoy from the comfort – and warmth – of your armchair. At least Douglas Mawson got a research station named after him.

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