Friday Photo Quiz #165 – Where in the World?

If I didn't already know where this place is, I'm not sure I could even guess the continent. So, a couple of tiny clues: This isn't the official capital of the country, but it has more government departments than the capital, and most people think of this place first when (if) they think of the country at all.

As you can see, the city is literally climbing the hills around it as it grows past the two million mark in population, making it the biggest metro area in its country.


you name the city? The country? The answer is after the jump. A good weekend to all from CS&W

the answer is
……………………………………………………… it's La Paz, Bolivia. The official capital is Sucre.

It's really a fascinating, colorful country. We visited so long ago that we took slide photos and alas, most of them are either old and faded or have gone missing. There are a few photos, like this one, of downtown La Paz with Mt. Illimani in the distance, in the Bolivia Gallery at

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