Photo Quiz #173 – Where in the World?




The country in this week's quiz looks modern enough, especially the capital (top). That's a pedestrian mall in the capital (middle), and hey, no scouring the signs for a giveaway. Trouble is, when you get outside this country's capital, you realize it's got some modernizing to do (bottom).

Possible caveat: These photos are from 2006, so everything might be all shiny and new now. But I'm skeptical. Can you guess the country? Its capital city? What's that body of water in the top photo? Continue reading below for the answer. A good weekend to all from CS&W

the answer is …………………………………….. it's Azerbaijan.
The capital city is Baku, and the body of water in the top photo is the Caspian Sea. Read the story of our trip to Azerbaijan in Common Sense and Whiskey, the book (, or the Kindle version).

There are a few more photos in the Azerbaijan Gallery at

And take all the CS&W photo quizzes.

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