Road Trip: Turkey and Ukraine


Taksim Square and the view to the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey.

We're climbing aboard British Airways tomorrow. Next batch of posts from one of the world's great cities, Istanbul. Later on next week we'll talk with you from Kyiv, where, as I write this, it looks darned cold.

Photos will go in the Turkey and Ukraine galleries at

Cheers for now!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Turkey and Ukraine

  1. Ain’t it the greatest? Having always stayed across the Golden Horn, we’re looking forward to staying in Sultanahmet this time. We’ve never made Kyiv either, only Odessa, until next week. Lviv (“Lwów,” “Lvov,” “L’viv,” “Lemberg”) has been on my list for a long time but we’re only popping into and out of Kyiv on a particular mission, no time to go elsewhere this time, but one of these days for sure.


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