Wednesday HDRs – Summer 2013

This week, summer travel photos. First, one of those never-ending summer days at the lake by our cabin near Varkaus, Finland. Second is Finland’s third city, Turku, on the Baltic Sea. Next is the old Turku Castle, originally dating from around 1280. Fourth is the Chorin Monastery, or Kloster, originally dating from just about the same time, the late 1200’s, in Brandenburg, Germany, followed by a fat turtle at the nearby, cute little Zoo Eberswalde. The sixth photo is the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, and the last two photos are from the Motlawa River at Gdansk, Poland.

All the photos link to larger versions at As usual, all of these were tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in various versions of Photoshop with various iterations of Nik software. And thanks for bearing with us during‘s overhaul.









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