Friday Photo Quiz #184

Here we have a really varied country, don’t we? Judging from the first an fourth photos, it’s both flat and mountainous. The two in between suggest it’s both old and militarist. Or is the guy in the third photo just a ceremonial guard, say, at the tomb of the father of the country? And it has at least one medium-largish city that appears to be on the sea. I’ve selected this country for today’s quiz to celebrate the fact that this week we bought tickets to spend the end of this year here.

Can you guess the country? Click through for the answer. And a good weekend to all from CS&W and






And the answer is …………………………………….. it’s Vietnam.

Top is flooding in the Mekong delta south of Saigon. Second are ruins from Hindu temples built roughly between two and one thousand years ago at My Son, in the middle of the country near Da Nang. Next, that’s the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi. Fourth are rice terraces up near the Chinese border at Sa Pa, and that’s Saigon (a little bit of a trick photo for those who have been there lately, as it was taken several years ago) AKA Ho Chi Minh City, in the south.

There are much larger versions of these and hundreds more photos in the Vietnam Gallery at

And take all the CS&W photo quizzes.

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