Sochi Olympics Watch #17


We all know about all that nasty corruption (2, 3) surrounding the most expensive ever $50 billion Sochi Olympics, now just four months away. We’ve heard how Sochi is only 300 miles from Grozny, about that £5 billion thirty mile road, about the whole Russian gay paranoia thing and how 2014 is turning into a Gulag Olympics, and darn it, now the Olympic flame keeps going out. The photo is a screen grab from Novosti, in which former Soviet world swimming champion Shavarsh Karapetyan gets a hand from an unidentified man with a cigarette lighter as he runs around the Kremlin in a nationally televised ceremony.

Here’s a look inside the factory that built the torches.

Meanwhile, writes The Guardian, “an IOC delegation praised the ‘magnificent’ venues and promised a ‘fabulous experience’.”

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