Visiting Chernobyl

The book version is now live on Amazon. The ebook is due in a few days. In the next few days we’ll be bundling my first book, Common Sense and Whiskey, so if you buy the book, you’ll get the electronic version of CS&W free. And we’ll be giving away the electronic version of Visiting Chernobyl. Yep, free downloads, on select individual days between now and the end of the year. Hope you enjoy all this new reading. Scroll a little bit and read chapter one of Visiting Chernobyl just below.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Chernobyl

  1. Hi Bill, just bought your book Visiting Chernobyl and read it in a day! I am visiting Kiev and Chernobyl in March so just one year after your trip. We are also using Solo East for our tours so very reassuring to hear of your experience with them. A good read so would recommend to anyone interested in visiting the area.


    • Thanks so much for the good word, Geoff. Good luck with your trip. I’d be interested to hear your impressions. Would you be good enough to drop back by after your trip and let us know what you thought?




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