Sochi Olympics Watch #18

It’s just about game time. Under a hundred days. The Olympic flame is up in space without the flame. Good feelings are firmly in place, in a sort of former Soviet way. Just ask the Norwegian TV crew that was stopped by authorities on their pre-Olympics publicity tour. Six times.

Then there was that bus bombing.

Remember all those other winter Olympics? Vancouver, Lillehammer, Nagano, the cute little ones that cost in the low billions?

This one will cost over 50 billion dollars, more than any summer games, and where did all that money go? Can’t find most of it. Surprise!

Those old ones were all full of good feeling and snowmen and not a peep about jailing gay people. This one will be full of snow, even if they have to use last year’s. As to jailing gay people, let’s see. Everybody’s gonna talk about it.

But it’s okay. Y’all come, have a good time. Me and my boys is cool.



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