Christmas in Bangkok

We got about eighteen hours this time in Bangkok and found it sweaty, trafficky and polluted as always, and also as always, serving up some great food. This is how it looks in every direction as far as the eye can see.


No sign of the tens of thousands of protesters here at Siam Square. The hotel lady said they’re based around the Victory Monument, about twenty minutes by car, but she reckoned there wouldn’t be many of them today because they have to work.

That’s some revolutionary fervor.

I know we’re tardy making our first trip through Suvarnabhumi Airport since it’s been open some seven years already, but it’s a welcome shiny replacement for the rambling old Don Mueang airport. Only trouble is it’s about a half day outside town by Bangkok traffic just like Don Mueang was.

So today it’s Bangkok to Gangtok, the air portion courtesy of Druk Air, Royal Bhutan Airlines. I’ll have a report.

One more thing: No trip to Bangkok would be complete without dropping in on Miss Puke. She’s alive and well.



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