Goodbye Gangtok

Two last photos from Gangtok. The city center and one I guess you’d call ‘busted.’



Back in Saigon overnight after a jostling, bone rattling ride back down from Sikkim to Bagdogra airport, gateway from upper eastern India to the rest of the world. I’ll write about the provincial Indian airport experience after reflecting for a time, appreciating that discretion is the better part of valor.

Maybe Saigon doesn’t offer welcome calm after every place, but it does after the ride down from the Indian Himalayas. Everybody was turned out here on New Year’s Eve riding their Vespas up and down the Le Loi, the whole city lit up, festive, excited for the midnight fireworks.

Tomorrow they’re coming to get us early. We’ll spend the day and night on a boat, just the two of us, a pilot, cook and English speaker, poking around the Mekong delta. I’m hopeful we’ll come back with some good photos.

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