Friday Photo Quiz #192

Let’s see how you do on this week’s quiz. If you know the script on the Coca-Cola in the top photo you’ll probably already have this one nailed. If not, use the next four photos as further clues. There’s a shared taxi, a random street scene in the capital, a shot from what they say is the largest market on the continent and a look at the skyline of the capital. Can you guess the country? The capital city? What that language is?

Click through for the answer. And a good weekend to all from CS&W and





quiz192-2And the answer is ………………….…….. it’s Ethiopia. The capital is Addis Ababa. The Mercado is said to employ some 13,000 people. The script is Amharic.

There are many more photos in the Ethiopia Gallery at

And take all the CS&W photo quizzes.

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