Inside Yanukovych’s Palace

Via an acquaintance in Ukraine, here is a tour of the property abandoned by President – maybe – for the moment – Yanukovych earlier today. Kyiv Post reports that

“Opposition leaders who are now in control of the mansion say they fished documents out of the Kyiv Sea that leads to the Dnipro River and are drying them in a hangar. Some of them reportedly involve journalist Tetyana Chornovol, who blames Yanukovych for ordering her Dec. 25 beating in retaliation for her investigative reports of his alleged corruption. The treasure trove also reportedly includes expense invoices for construction work at Mezhyhyria, a blacklist of journalists and a list of license plate number of cars that Chornovol drives.”

Meanwhile watch Karkiv today, where Yanukovych is reported to have fled. We talked about this three days ago and now sure enough, Time magazine’s Moscow correspondent tweets

“Russia appears to be preparing a grab for parts of Ukraine. Senior Moscow delegates in Kharkiv. Crimea asking for “protection” from Rus army”

RT Russian television is doing its part. An ‘”expert” calls the Maidan a “malevolent mob.”

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