Friday Photo Quiz #194

For this week’s quiz we’ve chosen a country in a normally quiet part of the world that has geopolitical relevance at the moment. First, two photos along the waterfront of its biggest river and then two more shots from this country’s capital and main town. Can you guess the country? The city? Extra credit for the river. Click through for the answer. And a good weekend to all from CS&W and




quiz194-2And the answer is ………………….…….. because of the Baltic States’ relevance to today’s news, we’ve chosen Latvia for this week’s quiz. The capital, in all four of these photos, is Riga, and the river is the Daugava.

There are more photos in the Latvia Gallery at

And take all the CS&W photo quizzes.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Quiz #194

  1. It IS lovely. Riga is the biggest of the three Baltic capitals. I recommend a swing through all three, starting in Vilnius, then up to Riga, then on to Tallinn or vice versa.


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