Other Views on Estonia and NATO


A couple of others have elaborated on the theme of my recent article about NATO, Estonia and Russia. Financial Times Baltic correspondent Richard Milne has filed this video report from Narva, on the Estonia/Russia border (above, from the video). Talking about Narva’s large Russian speaking population in the video, Katri Raik, the Director of Narva College, gets pithy: “What is the reason the Russian speaking people are in Estonia, have not left Estonia? And maybe the best answer is you must go once from Ivangorod to Narva and you can understand life in Estonia is really better than Russia.”

Also for your consideration, here is a piece titled Is Estonia Worth a War?. The author is the director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, an organization which is, but doesn’t take kindly to being labelled, isolationist.

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