Friday Photo Quiz #197

All eyes are on Ukraine again this week. Ukraine has borders with seven countries and this week’s quiz is from one of them, so if you know Ukraine’s neighbors you have a 14% chance of getting it right before you even get out of bed.

Have a look at these five photos of the capital city and place your bet. The first and last photos were taken on the city’s main square, the second is the main street, and the third and fourth show parts of the substantial green space in the city.

Click through for the answer, and come back for my next post, CS&W’s policy prescriptions to solve all Ukraine’s problems.

A good weekend to all from CS&W and






And the answer is ……………………….. this is Ukraine’s northern neighbor, Belarus, capital city Minsk. That’s Independence Square at the top and bottom, and main street is called Prospekt Nezavisimosti. Belarus is one of three border countries that were also members of the old Soviet Union (the other two are Russia and Moldova). Ukraine is also bordered by Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

There are more photos in the Belarus Gallery at

And take all the CS&W photo quizzes.

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