Svalbard Total Solar Eclipse, 20 March, 2015


Quick, first photo from the total eclipse this morning here in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 78º north latitude. Today started out clear and cold, -16C as we set out down to the waterfront to get around the mountains that ring the town, because the sun only rises to around 12º above the horizon at this latitude at this time of year.

This photo is a phenomenon called the ‘diamond ring,’ just as totality begins and ends. And totality today was the longest we’ve yet seen, at 2:27, but just like both times before it seemed to go by in seconds.

Likely more photos and perhaps a short video to come. Also photography from a trip by snowmobile to the Russian settlement at Barentsburg yesterday.

Just now, this afternoon in Svalbard, we’re a self-satisfied three for three on sunny skies for total solar eclipses. And each time that moon moving over the sun like that, creating a ring of fire, is a reminder that human = little and the universe that can do things like that = way, way bigger. Every time is a real, deep privilege.


4 thoughts on “Svalbard Total Solar Eclipse, 20 March, 2015

  1. This earth we live on is really something.At my church we just finished a two year study of the book of Revelation which is the last book of the Holy Bible.In this book we learned a lot about the future of this earth. God is not thru with it yet. It talks about a new heaven and a new earth. As great as the earth is now it will one day be even better. Bill, thanks for the picture and the comments.
    Winford Baker


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