Rural East Iceland Photos

A visit to east Iceland in March 2015. Making landfall, top, via the MS Norrona, second photo.



Arriving at the tiny port city of Seydisfjordur, with its little blue church.


Here’s our ride for the day, via


Icelandic horse on the road between Egilsstadir, the main town, and Snaefell, the tallest mountain.


A herd of around forty wild reindeer.


And our destination – a private geo-thermally heated pool with a mountain view. The air temperature about -8ºC (17ºF), and in the pool, 48-53ºC (118-127ºF).


These are just quick snapshots. The final, full-sized versions of these and many more photos from our trip to Northern Ireland, Oslo, Norway and the island of Svalbard, Hamburg, Germany, the Faroe Islands and Iceland will begin to appear over the coming weeks on

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