Africa Vignette Series


At the end of the month we’re heading to the Maasai Mara for the annual wildebeest migration. Between now and then, here is a blizzard of little African vignettes. They are just short little bits, not in any particular order, not particularly edited. Maybe they’ll entice you to visit too one day. Hope you enjoy them. All the photos in this series are from

14 Botswana

Baboons are a lot like us. Unlike the big predators, who hunt in the pre-dawn and twilight, our fellow primates sleep in. Then they come down from their trees and groom one another, rather like we get ready for work, before beginning a foraging circuit for a few hours, pausing to rest in the heat of  midday, and then resuming the hunt for food. In the course of the day, depending on the availability of food, they may cover a half dozen miles.

This morning the baboons kick up a predawn storm up in the trees above camp, screeching and barking loud enough to rip their lungs out. We find out why when we pull away from camp. B shows us lion tracks in the sand.

After coffee Mirja and B. and I pile into the Land Cruiser and spot mongooses, two female ostriches, a giraffe, some kudu, two rooting warthogs, a zebra and a wildebeest who takes off on little skinny legs that look like they’ll never support him. All this before eight in the morning.

This entire series of vignettes will reside here, in the Africa section. If you enjoy them please have a look at my two travel books, Common Sense and Whiskey and Visiting Chernobyl.

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