Technological Molting


The first time I saw the term technological molting was in a 2012 article from John Jeremiah Sullivan in the New York Times called Where is Cuba Going. May we all step back once in a while and molt.

Here I sit, outside at the farm, watching a moon making its way up over the National Forest, waxing gibbous, no sign of the first manmade thing, yet here I also sit wed to the web on my laptop.

Tomorrow we’re off to spend ten days of, I expect, mostly enforced absence from the internet. I appreciate the enforcement.

In the run up to leaving I’ve been unsubscribing from the daily email barnacles I have accrued over time. Offers! Deals! Opportunities! Imagine, you can get Club Carlson points at Radisson hotels by dining out!

Zap, and zap and zap.

Too much screen is too much screen. Once in a while let us go and live and breathe and watch and listen, and allow the wired world to fend for itself for a couple of weeks.

See you with photos from the wildebeest migration across the Masaai Mara if the photos and the opportunities present themselves, and if not, I’ll have those photos for you in due time.

For now, cheers!

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