Friday Photo #40, Taksim Square, Istanbul


I’m excited about the upcoming release of A Strangeness in my Mind by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, promised on my doorstep October 20th. It’s a story of one of my world-top-five cities, Istanbul, as this review puts it, “in all its faded, messy, dusty glory.”

This week’s photo is from Istanbul, taken from the top of a high rise hotel. Here is Taksim Square, up on a hill on the European side, with a view down toward the Sea of Marmara and the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait.

Click the photo to see it better. That’s the Monument of the Republic in the center of the square, celebrating Kemal Ataturk and the formation of the secular Turkish Republic in 1923. At the far end the square opens onto Istiklal (Independence) Caddesi, Turkey’s most famous street and usually a center of protests. Istiklal is a pedestrian street that traverses the Beyoglu district for about a mile down to the Galata Bridge at the Golden Horn, and Eminönü beyond. That’s the Galata Tower in the middle distance.

There are 385 more photos in the Turkey Gallery at And see all the Friday Photos.

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