Time for a Northern Road Trip


Just about time to get the show on the road. We’re a couple weeks away from one last reporting trip to maritime Canada, Iceland, and Greenland ahead of my next book, due at the end of the summer, about travel in the far north. This time we’ll visit St. Pierre et Miquelon, a French territory (passports, Euros) that’s line-of-sight with Newfoundland. We’ll take a spin around Newfoundland and a little bit beyond, to the northern tip and Quirpon Island, and visiting L’Anse aux Meadows, a wintering spot for Norse explorers several hundred years before Columbus. We’ll spend some time on the east coast of Greenland to complement our previous trip the west coast, and we’ll fill in a couple of blanks on our fourth trip to Iceland. Coverage here starting soon.

One thought on “Time for a Northern Road Trip

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