Finland, Achieved

This was worth it. It’s the first morning at our tiny cabin in the Finnish lakes district. After a bolt through Greenland via Iceland, overnight flights and lots of public places for five days, now things slow down.


Already yesterday, first thing, we enjoyed sauna and a naked swim in the (very cold) lake. Every summer we see the new generation of our local ducks, but last night toward midnight, a first – a swan family, the adults on either end and six little ones, swimming by from the little island out into the open water. Isn’t six a lot of baby swans?

More than a week stretches ahead of us now to enjoy this nice cool (highs around 20C/68F) summer weather, sleep late, slow down and go through all those gorgeous pictures from Greenland.

Only thing is, I’m kind of drawn to check each morning on the ugly Trump derailment. Otherwise, please excuse my (mostly) online absence for a week. We got swans to watch.

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