Greenland from Above

When you fly between Halifax, in eastern Canada, and Keflavik, Iceland, you cross Greenland at a much lower altitude than on the big mainline intercontinental routes. If you’re lucky enough to catch a clear day, the view of Greenland is spectacular. Betting that most people haven’t had this particular opportunity, I thought I’d share some of what you might see. In case you’d like to examine what’s going on on the ground (nothing human), each of these five photos links to a much larger version on They’re from inside a jet, mind you. When we’re able to charter a helicopter and hang out the window, I’ll let you know.

In my new book Out in the Cold (published within the week), we befriend Inuit bone carvers to learn about the fearsome Greenlandic totem known as the tupilak, and camp with an itinerant Italian musician who dreams of building the island’s first luxury resort, among other adventures in Greenland. I’ll put up a link to the book as soon as it’s available. For now, enjoy the view above Greenland:

This top photo is from a smaller plane, a Bombardier Q400 turboprop, leaving Tasiilaq, Greenland for Reykjavik. The rest are from the IcelandAir Haifax to Keflavik flight.

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