Friday Photo Quiz #12

First, the answer to last week’s quiz: That lazy little capital city nestled in the hills is Windhoek, capital of the beautiful southwestern African wcountry of Namibia. The other photo is from the “dead vlei,” part of the Sossusvlei desert area out by the coast. Here are more photos from Namibia, a lifetime must see destination. Photos from

We’ll be pausing the photo quizzes for a few weeks after today so that your author can head for a little rest and relaxation by the lake, then we’ll be back in early August with more photo quizzes up until the Labor Day holiday. This week, an easy quiz. For better or worse, this landmark remains square in the center of this country’s capital city, a former “gift” from the ruler of an adjacent land. Can you name the city? The country?

Leave your best guess as a comment. I’ll put all the correct answers into a hat, draw one, and the winner of the drawing gets a copy of the audiobook version of my book Common Sense and Whiskey. It may be that the winner must be in the USA for the download code to work.

Win free stuff every Friday this summer. New photo every Friday, drawing the next Thursday, winner notified by email Friday. Good luck.

Now: What’s your guess in this week’s quiz? Go ahead, give it a try. Guesses accepted.


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