Weekend Reading

Thank you for staying with me through a couple of relatively quiet weeks, as I’ve been tending to stuff around the farm.

Busy world, eh? Witness the two Koreas’ summit earlier today.

(Credit: Getty Images via news.com.au)

Apparently those concrete-looking blocks between the two men mark the border between countries. I found video of the two leaders stepping back and forth over them arresting.

Not one for ad hominem attacks (unless, perhaps obliquely implied) I’ll decline to note my wonder whether Mr. Kim would make it through all that theatrical, symbolic walking around without becoming winded before he finally made it to the guest book table. Here is a Korea reading list from earlier this week.


Just now I’m working through three worthwhile books on the same theme. They are The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder, The End of Europe by James Kirchick and After Europe by Ivan Krastev.

Kirchick’s and Krastev’s books are about a year old and Snyder’s is new this year.

For my money, Snyder is brilliant. Just have a look at some of his work. Krastev has become a bit of a trendy opinion maker from his unlikely perch in Sofia, Bulgaria. About Kirchick I’m less sure. He has a bit of a controversial past.

Just the same, they’re all engaging and I hope I’ll have something to say to synthesize the three authors’ ideas before long.

Meanwhile, there was a wealth of engaging shorter-form material to read this week, including:

An Apology for the Internet – From the Architects Who Built It by Noah Kulwin in New York Magazine
What Cape Town learned from its drought by Piotr Wolski at thebulletin.org
The Faroe Islands by Porter Fox at nowheremag.com
What will the next war look like by Christopher in The Spectator
How Neoliberalism Changed the World by Patrick Iber in The New Republic

See you next week.

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