Weekend Reading

It has been a little quiet at CS&W over the holidays, and January will stay relatively quiet as we try to internet detox this month. We’re opting to stay off the internet much more in January, my wife and I, to see if it makes us better people. We’ll let you know. Meanwhile, some interesting news coming this spring that will alter the whole shape of this website. Can’t tell you for a couple of months.

And meanwhile, anytime is a good time to scroll through what’s up at 3 Quarks Daily, but next Monday will be an especially good time, when I’ll have my monthly column in the Monday Magazine (Topic hint: see photo). For now, some intriguing reading for the weekend:

What Driving Teaches Us About Living by Rachel Cusk. She’s so good.
What Europeans Talk about when They Talk about Brexit. Comprehensive roundup of what the rest of Europe thinks about Brexit.
The Ghosts of Mrs Gandhi by Amitav Ghosh. 1984 was not a good year for India.
There’s No Free Will? You Can’t Possibly Believe That by Tim Sommers
The Caucasus: No Longer Just Russia’s Neighborhood by Thomas de Wall. What’s up down there?
How My Father Made Landfall. Sylvia Poggioli’s parents.
Seattle Under Siege by Christopher F. Rufo. What’s going wrong?
The Children of the Revolution by James David Banker Frightening Red Guards in China.
Breath of life by Brian Victoria. Shinto shows the debt to animism of organized religions today.

See you next week.

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