A couple of posts in the last few months have referred to far western China’s Xinjiang province. Quotes: Life in Xinjiang, posted October 5th, quoted an article in The Diplomat titled The Uyghurs and the Han: 1 World, 2 Universes. The author, Ruth Ingram, has written to note that I used the word ‘Turkmen’ when I should have used the term ‘Turkic’ (see comments in that post). Duly noted, corrected in the post, and thanks to Ms. Ingram.

And on the subject of Xinjiang, in Weekend Reading a couple of weeks back, I recommended a long travelogue titled A Week In Xinjiang’s Absolute Surveillance State by Vadim Mikhailov. It’s thoroughly absorbing. I recommend it still.

(Map from Wikimedia)

2 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Hey Bill, thanks for the tip on the that travelogue, I’ll check it out now. In the meantime, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and I’ll attempt at visiting Xinjiang, overland from Kyrgyzstan, this summer. We’ll see how it’ll go.


  2. It’s an absorbing article. The author went with a group. Article relates what I casual observer might see, I think. Would be interested in hearing about your Xinjiang trip when you come back.


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