3 thoughts on “Quotes: On Theresa May

  1. Hi Bill. Good quote! Being British but overseas, it is interesting to observe the Brexit mess. Not only do we get a foreign interpretation but also can feel kind of pleased not to be near it. I get the impression that almost all British politicians should be ashamed of themselves for the way they are handling all of this – oh to have people worth voting for in power (something I guess you can appreciate in the US too). The nation voted, move on and get it done. Those who campaigned to leave have gradually run away from their lies and from something that is apparently beyond them to resolve; and only Theresa May, who wanted to remain, appears to have had the guts to carry the poisoned chalice. Fair play to her I guess. Not a job I’d want! 😄

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    • Graham, I appreciate your thoughts as a Brit abroad. Looking at this thing from afar, it sure does seem easy for all of us to see how the leavers lied. It really must be harder to see if you’re there. Otherwise, one would think they’d get this mess cleaned up.

      Take care, thanks for weighing in.


      • I guess nobody really knew what would happen when someone left the EU as it hadn’t happened before…I just wish you could trust people to do a good job and not using it as an excuse to seek power. I’m not sure what Britain expected though because we/they are just not as Great as Great Britain suggests any more! 😄 Just one country in a big EU that rightly should not expect to get everything it is asking for really.


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