People Are Losing Their Minds

“Therefore there has to be an argument, doesn’t there, that says instead of Dublin telling this country (The United Kingdom) that we have to stay in the single market etc within the customs union, why doesn’t Dublin, why doesn’t the Republic of Ireland leave the EU and throw in their lot with this country?”


– BBC Today program anchor John Humphrys suggesting that the best solution to the Brexit impasse might be for Ireland to join the UK and quit the EU.

8 thoughts on “People Are Losing Their Minds

      • No, not really but I believe that it would be a big prize to pay for Ireland for solving the conundrum of Britain. Ireland and especially Dublin benefits from being a low tax haven within EU just like Luxemburg. A lot corporate headquarters are located there just because of that reason. Leaving EU would mean a loss in resources and lot of unemployment when those companies would leave. Being in a custom union with UK, Ireland would probably be marginalised and would have to undercut the UK when it would come to taxes, wages or other form of
        benefits, perks for the already rich and wealthy. Would Ireland pay that prize to solve what is mainly a problem for the UK?


      • Of course not. Out of the question. And it’s about way more than just the corporate environment; it’s about Ireland’s very sovereignty, isn’t it? You are spot on that the U.K. got itself into this mess, and it’s surely not for the Irish to jump into it with them. Which is why, U-man, I headlined the post People Are Losing Their Minds. It’s a crazy idea.


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  1. Brits are getting delusional.
    They voted for an utopia, based on ill-conceived ideas and utter lies. There were talks of Syria and Lebanon joining the EU (I got the leaflets at home) but no one, absolutely no one, from the Leave campaign bothered for more than a second to talk about the Ulster border. And now they’re in this mess.
    Kudos to the EU for sticking up to Ireland.


    • Indeed, AWTY, thanks for coming by.

      Even apart from the border thing, the Irish people stand to take a substantial economic hit, just having this big … obstruction … in between them and the rest of the E.U.

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  2. A nice blog here. I come from Northern Ireland and I’m a nationalist and separatist. If it was a real democracy, England and Wales would form a union and leave the European Union. Northern Ireland and Scotland could either form a union, or become two separate countries and both remain in the EU. Republic of Ireland is separate and has its own choice whether they want a democratic vote on that or not.


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