Quotes: In the Service of the Public

Anne Applebaum writes that both the American Republicans and the British Conservatives are unable to govern just now.

In the U.S. the government has been shut down by the grandstanding of the leader of the Republican party and is only provisionally back open for the moment, pending his desire to revisit his deathwish. In the U.K., as Applebaum puts it,

“The government cannot pass the Brexit deal it has negotiated. The opposition cannot unseat the government.”

She writes that they all “have stopped thinking about the good of the nation and can focus only on what’s good for the party — or for themselves.”

In this light, a company that prominent Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg helped to found just happens to have recently established an investment fund in Ireland – outside the City of London financial district – ahead of the UK leaving the European Union. According to Mr. Rees-Mogg,

“The decision to launch the fund was nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit.”

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