Weekend Reading

A countdown of sorts is beginning, at least in my head. In about six weeks we’ll take CS&W back out into the world for an extended road trip beginning in Vietnam (many photos here). The last year or so has been relatively quiet at EarthPhotos.com, but I expect that will change. Here on CS&W, too, I anticipate more photography soon.

More on that in the weeks ahead. For now, a few clicks about different parts of the world for your idle time this weekend:

A blog about Stonehenge Replicas

A brief piece on why It’s Punk to Be Eastern European

Issues involved in The Battle to Save Lapland

A friend and I visited Atlantic City as very young men some time around 1980. Mostly, it made me want to get into a fight. That’s nothing like me, but it had this gritty and ominous undertone of meanness. Many years later comes this: Atlantic City Is Really Going Down This Time. Wonder what took it so long

A look at French troubles via a review of Twilight of the Elites: Prosperity, the Periphery, and the Future of France by Christophe Guilluy: Jupiter Falls to Earth

As fighting flared up again today between al-Shebab and government forces in Somalia, the northern portion of that country looks for acceptance from the rest of the world. Opinion here on Why has Somaliland succeeded where Iraqi Kurdistan has failed?

See you next week.

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