Saunas on wheels1 / Saunas sobre ruedas1 / Saunas sur roues1 / Saunas com rodas1

Saunas on wheels in Finland, via Sartenada’s blog.

Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

Holy smoke – Gathering of mobile Saunas. Part1.

Can You imagine that there exist Saunas on wheels? Can You imagine that they meet every summer? I guess that nobody. Since 2005 in Teuva there has been organized mobile Sauna gathering. In 2016 they were cancelled. When You see my photos, You might say in Your mind that ‘they are crazy those Finns’. Imagination has been free when planning and building mobile Saunas. Delightful is that the idea had spread abroad, which was touchable, because there were also Saunas, from Poland, Italy and Germany. My post is in two parts.

Many Saunas were warmed up, because smoke was coming from chimneys and afternoon there were possibility to have a Sauna in them.

Teuva – where? Nearby the western coast in south Ostrobothnia. Distance from Helsinki is 381 km / 267 mi and from Oulu 404 km / 251 mi…

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