Weekend Reading

A schizo spring so far in our corner of Appalachia. Early blooming dogwoods and azaleas nipped in the bud. Trees normally not yet heard from way ahead of the weather. Mornings still at or below freezing as often as not. A pretty, early spring weekend is forecast, good for being outdoors.

Should you find a little spare time, here are a few articles I’ve found worthwhile this week.

– In the last couple weeks, the New York Times has featured two places we’ll find ourselves this summer: Helsinki and Hoi An.
– On France: Among the Gilets Jaunes.
– Réné Descartes “held that only humans are conscious, have minds and souls, can learn and have language and therefore only humans are deserving of compassion.” Bah. Here, a study of bears’ communication casts doubt on human supremacy over animals.
– On being eastern European: The East in you never leaves.
What Makes a Waterfall? Maybe It Forms Itself.
– A future of stuff, and accumulating it: Free Shipping.
– Russia’s eternal search for security “makes it less secure:” Russia’s Tragic Great Power Politics.

Enjoy the weekend. See you next week.

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