Banner Day for British Letters

A British Brexiteer, a man named Jacob Rees-Mogg, the MP from North East Somerset, has been known to campaign with his nanny in tow:

(“Rees-Mogg later clarified he had been driving his mother’s Mercedes Benz during canvassing – and not the Bentley that soon made him a source of public ridicule.

“The nanny bit is right,” Rees-Mogg confirmed in 2013.”)

He has written a book about his Victorian heroes. In its first week it sold 734 copies. Including the chains such as Waterstones, there are well over 1,000 bookstores in the United Kingdom.

This warms my heart, that with the publishing and promotional heft of Penguin Books, there must have been shops whose discerning readers declined to buy a single copy of the book from a politician with a voting record like this:

One thought on “Banner Day for British Letters

  1. And he’a such a man of the people that he’s worth approx. £150m. Money he made by leading an investment fund with strong connections and operations in fiscal heavens (Isle of Man, Cayman, Bermuda, Jersey etc). He also voted extensively against limiting the rights of these Crown properties to launder money and help tax dodgers. Oh, and he also delivered a speech at an event sponsored by the Traditional Britain Group, an assembly of nutjobs that wants deportation of non-white immigrants. All in all a nasty piece of work, our Jacob.


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