12 thoughts on “Finding Iran

    • Might be. But having a sense of a place’s geospatial location helps one understand its politics, and the issues important to it. To understand where Iran is in relation to its neighbors locates the Persian civilization relative to the Arab one and so on. And a sense of its geography helps one to understand issues of climate that affect local life.

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      • Oh, I agree. I was just allowing that there are people who don’t find any interest in maps and the locations of things like I do. I try to remind myself that most people aren’t like me. So, if they can’t point to Tanzania or Guyana on a map doesn’t mean that they are clueless.

        But in this case, putting Iran, Iraq, Israel, etc. in their geographical context is useful I think.


      • You know, sometimes I go to a map in a web browser and find something to look at somewhere. Sometimes while eating my lunch. So, a screen shouldn’t be a hindrance to looking at maps. But the screen provides many other distractions.

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